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Preface by Robert Frager, Ph.D. (Sheikh Ragip al-Jerrahi)


SECTION 1:    Mystic Love: The Heart of Islam

Renouncing Paradise For the Sake of Love
The First Four Caliphs of Islam
Hazrat Ali*
The Ashabi Suffa
Abu Ubayda ibn al-Jarrah
Salman al-Farsi
The Next Generation
The Noble Women of the Prophet’s Household
Uways al-Qarani
Repentance, Love and Mastery

SECTION 2:    The Rise of Sufism

The Halveti-Jerrahi Silsila
A Historical Overview of the Early Period of Islam
The Four Schools of Jurisprudence
Hasan al-Basri*
Other Notable Early Sufis:
     Fuzayl ibn Iyad
     Ibrahim Adham
     Rabia al-Adawiyya
     ‘Abdullah ibn al-Mubarak
 The Way of Divine Intoxication
     Dhu’n-Nun Misri
     Abu Yazid Bistami
Habib al-Ajami*
Da’ud at-Ta’i*
Ma’ruf al-Karkhi*
Sari as-Saqati*
Pir Junayd al-Baghdadi**
     Junayd’s Four stages of Tawhid
     The Political Climate of Baghdad in Junayd’s Time
The Shii Perspective
A Charge of Heresy against the Sufis of Baghdad
Mansur Al-Hallaj

SECTION 3:    The Middle Period: The Formation of the Great Sufi Orders

Challenge of the West: The Crusades
Imam (Abu Hamid) al-Ghazali
Al-Ghazali on Music in Islam
Sheikh Ahmad al-Ghazali
Pir Abu-Najib as-Suhrawardi**
Shahabuddin (Abu Hafs) Umar Suhrawardi
Suhrawardi on the Khalwa
Yahya (Shahabuddin) Suhrawardi, the Martyr
Pir Abdul Qadir Gaylani
Abdul Qadir's Teaching on the Spiritual Heart
Pir Ahmad Rifai
Pir Ahmad Badawi
Pir Ibrahim Dusuki
Ibn al-Arabi
     Insights from the Teachings of Ibn Arabi
      Ibn Arabi's Elucidations on the Spiritual Hierarchy
Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi
The Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Sufi Orders
The Original Twelve Sufi Turuq
The Naqshbandiyya
The Yasawiyya
Yunus Emre
The Bektashiyya
The Malamiyya
Haji Bayram Veli
Developments Around the Time of the First Khalwati Sheikhs
     Sheikh Safi and the Safawids of Iran
     The Connections Between Sufism and Shiism
     The popular Revolt of Sheikh Badruddin
The First Khalwati Pirs
Pir Ibrahim Zahid Gaylani**
Muhammad Nur-al-Khalwati**
Pir Umar al-Khalwati**
Mirim al-Khalwati (Ahi)*
Sayyid Pir Yahya Shirvani al-Khalwati**
Pir Muhammad Erzinjani al-Halveti**
Pir Muhammad Jamal al-Halveti
The Era of Süleyman "the Magnificent"
Pir Yiitbashi Wali**
Pir Ramazan Efendi**
Aziz Mahmud Huda’i
Niyazi Misri
The Halvet-Ramazani line until Pir Nureddin
Sheikh Ali Alauddin Köstendili*

SECTION 4:    The Halveti-Jerrahi Order: Its Inception Through the Twentieth Century

Pir Nureddin al-Jerrahi**
     The Family of Pir Nureddin
     The Pir's Early Life
     The Founding of the Jerrahi Order
     Hazrati Pir's Final Days
Sheikh Süleyman Veliyüddin al-Jerrahi*
Sheikh Mehmed Hüsameddin al-Jerrahi*
Sheikh Yahya Sherafeddin Moravi al-Jerrahi*
The Descendants of Yahya Efendi
Sheikh al-Hajj Abdurrahman Hilmi al-Jerrahi*
The Political Climate in the Early 19th Century
The Wahhabi Movement in Arabia
Sheikh Abdül-Aziz Zihni al-Jerrahi*
Sheikh Yahya Galib Hayati al-Jerrahi*
Sheikh Mehmed Riza Yashar al-Jerrahi*
Sheikh Ibrahim Fahreddin Shevki al-Jerrahi*

Appendix I: The Mystery of Intercession
Appendix II: The Four Worlds
    The Seven Levels of the Soul
    The Seven Levels of the Nafs



(* indicates sheikhs in the Halveti-Jerrahi silsila; ** indicates founding pirs in the Order)

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