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Welcome to The Watts Family Page, which furnishes historical detail beyond the site index, exploring six generations of Watts in the line of Thomas Watts of Robertson Co., Tennessee.

2. Sylvia Marie Watts Blann -- First of four children of Sylvanus Dorris Watts and Lois Marie Linville (Watts) , Sylvia was born in Nashville, TN, March 6, 1953. She married Gregory Boone Blann on August 12, 1973. They have one child, Claire Anura Lillah Blann, born September 12, 1983.


3. Sylvanus Dorris Watts --Born Jan. 19, 1929, near Coopertown (Robertson Co.), TN. Died Feb. 12, 2011; Married Lois Marie Linville (b. May 6, 1925, Macon Co., TN, d. April 23, 1994, Nashville, TN) on June 30 1946. They had four children: 1) Sylvia Marie Watts Blann (b. March 6, 1953, m. 8/12/1973 - Gregory Boone Blann, b. 10/14/1952, one child, Claire Anura Lillah Cobb; m. James Cobb 2008); 2) Taryon Fawn Watts Carney (b. August 17, 1957, m. 1982 - Timothy Wayne Carney, swiss replica watches b. 1958, one child, Magan Fawn Carney, b. February 13, 1983); 3) Burton Dale Watts (b. December 7, 1962, m. 1986 - Barbara Ann Ethridge, b. 1962, two children, Tyler Mitchell Watts (b. September 13, 1987; m. Jennifer Rice 2009), Clayton Thomas Watts, b. August 29, 1989); 4) Lisa Carol Watts Russell (b. February 7, 1964, m. Sept. 12, 1986 - Michael Eugene Russell, b. 1963, two children, Chelsea Cates Russell, b. April 9, 1990, Cayman Michael Russell, b. November 20, 1992). Sylvanus was also the father of Cheryl Ann Griswold (born in Dec. 1956; married Robert Smith), who has two children: Garan and Lacy. Sylvanus married Barbara Rediker Powell of Robertson Co., TN, April 26, 1994. He had dark brown eyes, blue-black hair, and a mustache; 5'9".  He was probably 1/8 Cherokee, however, Native American ancestry is at this time anecdotal. He served in the United States Army for 20 years from 1953-1973, was stationed in Camp Pickett, VA, Germany (twice), Fort Knox, KY, Viet Nam (twice), Fort Huachuca, AZ, and Fort Campbell, KY. He enjoyed fishing, vegetable gardening, country music and watching sports events on television. He died of cancer at age 82 and is buried at Martin's Chapel (Joelton, TN).

4. George Cates Watts -- Born Sept. 28, 1885, Robertson Co., TN. He died of natural causes on Sept. 27, 1985, just hours before his 100th birthday. He married Magdeline (Maggie) Laura Horton (b. 1887) in 1905. They had 15 children, 14 of whom survived to adulthood, 10 boys and 4 girls. Children are: 1) Shelley Clarence Watts b. September 24, 1907, d, June 3, 1996, m. Maureen, Neal); 2) Clara Anora Watts Drake (b. June 12, 1909, m. William Drake); 3) Burton Edward Watts (b. December 15, 1911, d. October, 1998, m. Lucille Drake); 4) Adrian Bernard Watts (b. May 25, 1913, d. Sept. 29, 1997, m. Elizabeth); 5) Bessie Virginia Watts Drake (b. July 3, 1915, m. James Harvey Drake, brother of William and Lucille); 6) Earnest Cates Watts (b. March 13, 1917, d. April 4, 1968, m. Ruth); 7) Quentin Theodore Watts (b. October 9, 1918, m. Lucille, Ellen); 8) Taylor Ewel Watts (b. January 27, 1920, m. Mary Ella Phelps); 9) Billie Reeves Watts (b. September 16, 1921, d. October 5, 1921); 10) Betty Ray Watts Hooper (b. November 28, 1922, m. James Hooper); 11) Otto Dowlen Watts (b. February 6, 1925, d. August 19, 1986, m. Olean); 12) Hugo Dowlen Watts (b. February 6, 1925, m. Sue); 13) Glenn Cecil Watts (b. February 6, 1927, m. Daisy); 14) Sylvanus Dorris Watts (b. January 19, 1929, m. Lois Marie Linville, Barbara Rediker Powell); 15) Mildred Imogene Watts (b. April 11, 1932, m. Robert Bratcher, Wallace Overby). George was a farmer in Robertson and Cheatham Counties for most of his life, but also spent several years in the 1940࡮d 1950଩ving in Nashville, working at Werthan Bag (now Werthan Industries).

5. Joseph E. Watts -- Born September 1, 1854; died September 23, 1922, and is buried at Martinèapel. Joseph was the 7th of 10 children born to John (W? or Lee?) Watts and Elenor (or Ellen Ida) Taylor Watts. Joseph married Susan Catherine Milliken on August 10, 1879 in Robertson County, Tennessee. They had six children: 1) Milton Oscar (ca.1889-Oct. 11, 1979; m. Jessie Clinard); 2) Arthur (twin to Oscar; m. Minnie Clinard); 3) Harvey; 4) George Cates (Sept. 28, 1885-Sept. 27, 198; m. Maggie Laura Horton, Sept. 28, 1905); 5) Ida Watts Truelove Grizzard (d. age 61); 6) Mary Ann Watts Wilson (1883-1966).

 6. John Watts -- John (Lee? or W?) Watts. Son of Thomas and
Elizabeth 崳ey꯮es Watts. Born June 11, 1818, Robertson Co., TN. d. after 1854. Married Elenor or Ellen Ida Taylor March 1, 1838. Elenor, whose parents are unknown to me, was born 1819, died 1901. She is the mother of Joseph E. Watts. John and Elenor had 10 children: 1) Thomas S. (b. ca. 1839), possibly died during Civil War? Served in Company A of the Confederate Army?; 2) Levi (b. ca 1845, d. ca 1900/1904, m. Virginia Tennie Green); Levi's son, Charles, moved to Kentucky ca. 1893; 3) Martha (b. ca 1846, d. ?, m. Henry P. Williams Nov. 29, 1868 in Robertson Co., TN); 4) Mary ( n.m.); Charles (b. April 6, 1850, d. June 16, 1932, m. 1) H.F. Williams and 2) Emma Williams - one of them on June 28, 1868, buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Nashville, TN); Betsey (no info); Joseph (b. Sept. 1, 1854, d. Sept. 23, 1922, m. Susan Catherine Milliken August 10, 1879); Isaac (b. August 15, 1856, d. March 1, 1935, m. Willie Hinkle (b.1870, d. 1956) Oct. 6, 1895, Isaac is buried at Battle Creek Baptist Church cemetery in Robertson Co., TN); Tennessee (female - n.m.); Robert Lee (b. June 6, 1863, d. Feb. 6, 1954, m. Sarah Add (?) Walker on April 24, 1900, and was buried at Elmwood, Robertson Co., TN)

 7. Thomas Watts -- Father of John W. Watts. Born ca. 1785 in TN. and died September 19, 1837. He is thought to have served in the military during the War of 1812 (but does not appear in the 1812 War list of Tennessee soldiers). He married Elizabeth 崳y꯮es November 17, 1807 in Middle TN and appears with his wife and children in the Davidson Co. TN census of 1820 & 1830. Elizabeth was born ca. 1785-87, and died June 10, 1863. According to the 1850 TN census, she was from NC and lived with her children in Robertson Co. after Johnथath. Oral family traditional (as recounted by Naomi Watts Ragland) has it that Betsyডmily was nearly captured by the ans胨erokee?) and Betsy herself was separated from her family (no other details). Thomas and Betsy had 7 children: 1) James Watts (a farmer and cooper, b. August 22, 1808, m. Courtney Howell or Lovell on November 30, 1828, m. Elizabeth J. Miles in Davidson Co., TN, June 11, 1854); 2) Eliza (b. March 29, 1810, d. July 28, 1812); 3) Mary Polly (b. January 15, 1812, d. March 1, 1885, buried at John Lee Watts桲m in Robertson Co., TN); 4) Elizabeth (b. March 2, 1814, d. May 16, 1876 Robertson Co., TN); 5) Melinda (b. May 2, 1816, d. December 25, 1863, n.m.); 6) John W. (b. June 11, 1818, d. October 1, 1900, m. Elenor Taylor March 1, 1838); 7) Thomas R. (b. December 6, 1820, d. December 7, 1820). Neither the parents of Thomas Watts nor Betsy Jones are known. (However there is one Watts who appears in the Davidson Co. tax records of 1810, but not in 1820, who might be a candidate for Thomasডther, though his age is not given [or perhaps this could be Thomas listed by his middle name?]. He is William Watts, listed with Capt. McAdamï.)


Further notes on the Watts family: According to Chad Watts, Watts is a patronymic form of the English and Scottish name Watt, which came from the extremely popular Middle English given name Wat or Watt. This was a pet form of the name Walter. The Watts ancestry encompasses Scottish descent, and Welsh descent and possibly includes the ethic groups: Gaels, Normans, and Celts. Watts is part of Clan Forbes in Scotland; Watts is also listed as part of the Buchanan clan. Most Americans with the surname are of Melungeon descent, meaning mixed ancestry.䨥 Watts surname can be found around Loch Ness in Scotland and as well the rest of UK. The Watts family played an important role in the Confederate States government and army. Watts ancestry is also known to have come through Cherokee Indian and Louisiana Redbone Tribes.  One such early and prominent Tennessee Watts, possibly related to Thomas Watts, was Chief John Watts, a half-blooded Cherokee (Chickamauga) Indian who was born in Cumberland, Stewart Co. TN Dec.1741 and married Mary Johnson of VA. in 1768. He replaced Dragging Canoe as war chief and led raids against the white settlers for two years in Middle TN, before signing a peace treaty in the Nashville area. According to LDS, none of his children or grandchildren were named Thomas, but a less direct kinship with Thomas of Robertson Co. TN is still possible. LDS also lists a John Watts, born in TN in 1818, as being on the Cherokee rolls. Watts family lore has it that a young Cherokee girl (possibly of the Redden line), who was orphaned at the Battle of Watts Creek, married into the family to become a direct ancestor of George C. Watts. So far, however, any identification of such a person remains elusive.

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